What is a trademark?


Trademarks date back to the Roman era when blacksmiths and brick makers would stamp their work to identify the source of their products. Today, you can register your brand identifiers with the U.S. Government to obtain a protected trademark that distinguishes you from your competitors.

Do I need to register a trademark?


If you have come up with a name, logo, or slogan that you want to keep others from using, you should probably register a trademark. Even colors, smells, and sounds can be trademarked if you use them as a unique identifier for your product or service.

Can I file my own trademark?


You can file your own trademark but it is like cutting your own hair. When you hire a professional, you take advantage of their experience, training, tools, and perspective.

This is why studies show that by using experienced attorneys to file your trademark you can increase your odds of success by as much as 50%!

Why should I use the Trademark Law Firm?


We created the Trademark Law Firm to fill a long-term need expressed by our clients for affordable trademark representation by experienced attorneys. The following chart shows how we stack up to your other options:

Why Us Table

How much does it cost to register a trademark?


We charge flat-rate fees at each stage of the application process, all of which are clearly displayed on our home page. Fixed rates mean you can budget and plan ahead, and we have made the trademark process as transparent as possible in order to limit surprises.

Also, by itemizing the costs of the application process you can choose when and how to involve our firm – whether it be for just a few steps or full assistance from beginning to end.

Most clients who use our firm for the entire trademark process can expect a combined total payment of about $750 before their trademark registers, though this price can vary based on government or third- party opposition to your trademark. (Note that government fees represent nearly half of this cost and that other online sites charging substantially lower may be attempting to nickel-and-dime you.)

How long does it take to obtain a trademark?


This will vary from application to application, but with the Trademark Law Firm you can expect the following benchmarks:


What if I have other questions?


Our firm is very experienced but our website is very new. We plan to begin posting informative content regarding trademark law for readers like yourself soon. In the meantime, feel free to consult with one of our attorneys and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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