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Richard Eldredge
B.S., M.S., P.E., J.D

Richard graduated from his engineering and law programs with High Honors, using his educational background to launch a highly successful career as a patent attorney and real estate mogul. As a business owner advising other business owners on a daily basis, Richard incorporates entrepreneurial considerations into his legal advice so that clients can see the big picture when receiving counsel.

Richard shines brightest as an advocate for your brand or idea during the application process, having proven very successful at obtaining protection for applications initially rejected by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

When your application receives a response from the USPTO requiring an answer, Richard personally communicates with the examiner to help your application overcome any obstacles.

Brandon Leavitt
B.S., J.D

Brandon specializes in communicating complex concepts of business, law, finance, and science for diverse audiences. His successes in this specialty include the securing of several multi-hundred-million-dollar federal contracts, significantly reducing the intellectual property overhead of a multi-national non-profit organization, and helping a Fortune 50 company maintain compliance in a strict regulatory environment.

Brandon is most passionate, however, when helping small businesses develop and protect their brands and ideas. He has worked for a federal patent judge, served as lead editor for a prominent legal journal for entrepreneurs, and secured venture capital financing for an award-winning technology start-up company.

Brandon personally reviews and submits each and every trademark application filed with the Trademark Law Firm.

Beth Felix
B.S., J.D.

Beth completed her legal education with emphasis in intellectual property and the skills necessary to competently represent her clients. She has worked in legal fields from criminal to tax and has found a passion for intellectual property and helping businesses protect some of their most important assets.

Beth values every relationship with each client and focuses on communication and trust. Every application in her hands receives the same care and consideration, no matter if the client is a well-established business or a brand new entrepreneur.

Beth works closely with her colleagues to efficiently obtain the strongest level of protection available for each client.

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